An ant is the last thing you want to discover wandering around your counter areas. If you are discovering these pests in your home, it just might be time to give one of our professionals a call.

How Did The Ants Get In?

Any crack or crevice in your walls, floors or foundation are the perfect entry points for ants. Once they have taken up residence in your home, ants will then begin their search for food. Ants prefer anything oily or sugary which is why they usually make their appearance in the kitchen area or anywhere food is kept or that meals are prepared.

When seen roaming around your house, these ants are also leaving behind an ant trail; a chemical substance undetectable by humans. Ant trails are actually very useful, allowing the ants to find their way back to the food every time. All they must do is find this scent and follow it back. The downside to this scent trail is that other ants can also pick up on the smell, causing them to find a food source to live off of as well.

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Redondo Beach Ant Homes

When it comes to ants, you won’t find just one in a colony. In just one ant colony alone, there can be 300,000 up to 500,000 ants. Typically, a worker ant can live up to 7 years and queens can live as long as 15 years.

Ants will live just about anywhere in your home and once they find a place to reside they can hide there for some time. When coming across ants, they will quickly and easily relocate if they feel threatened.

Redondo Beach Ant Lifestyles

Ants will endure 4 different phases in their life time. First the egg stage, then the larvae stage, the pupae phase and finally the adult stage. Eggs of an ant will be oval in shape and appear a bright white in color. Ant larvae will hatch approximately two to three weeks after the eggs have been laid. Pupae are white in color with folded legs and antennae; besides these features ant pupae is similar in appearance to an adult ant. In order to reach the adult life-stage, ants must go through the pupae stage. An ant colony consists of three different types of ants; males, workers and queens. A queen ant is solely responsible for laying the eggs in her colony whereas a male ant’s responsibility is to mate with the queens. Worker ants are the ones that you find roaming around your kitchen or serving area. Their main purpose for the ant colony is to gather food, keep the larvae fed and to keep the colony nice and neat.

DIY Ant Removal Remedies

Many people who have discovered ants in their homes have also tried using an over the counter method or even have tried a more environmentally friendly approach to remove these pests. These methods are proven to be effective, but only on the ants that you have seen; there are still more ants hidden away that you have yet to discover.

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