Bed bugs can be an aggravating and not to mention an expensive pest to get rid of. No matter how the hard the job can be, our experts will get the job done safely and neatly. Normally, bed bugs will be a reddish-brown color and adults are similar in size to an apple seed; before feeding that is. On average, an adult bed bug can reach up to a quarter inch in length, meaning they can always be visible to the human eye.

Bed Bug Inspection

Checking your bedding and mattress should be the first step when you suspect your home has been invaded by bed bugs. When searching your mattress, look for any signs of blood (fecal) stains, as well as on your sheets, skin casings from being shed and even egg casings. Any of these signs will aid you when determining if bed bugs are the issue. Waking up with tiny, flat or raised bumps can also be an indication of bed bugs, but could also be from other pests as well. Just because you are waking up with bites, don’t instantly assume it is a bed bug. Using a trained professional will help to indicate the pest as well. When involving a professional, make sure to clean and vacuum your home thoroughly before treatment; making it easier for the tech to spot the pest and finish the job. Call our professionals today if you tired of feeling like bed bugs have taken over your home.

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How did I get Bed Bugs?

Bed Bugs can hide and enter your home easily from a number of ways; furniture, clothing or boxes from moving/traveling, crevices of luggae and even pillows. Bed Bugs are able to survive without a constant food source making it easy for them to live just about anywhere, especially vacant homes. Once they are settled in, bed bugs will rapidly and easily reproduce and spread to others rooms of a home. Bed bugs cannot fly, but are still extremely swift movers.

Bed bugs enjoy hiding in the daytime and will hide just about anywhere; mattress seams, box springs and bed frames. Any crack or crevice in your floor or walls is also a great place that bed bugs will hide. At night, bed bugs come out of hiding and feed on you while you sleep. Typical bite sites include the face, neck, hands or arms. Some side effects of these bites include swelling and/or itching of the site.

Redondo Beach Bed Bug Control

  • Make sure to clean and remove any clutter in the home, especially in the bedroom.
  • Your bed should not be placed near walls or any other furniture.
  • Vacuum your home thoroughly daily.
  • Wash all of your blankets, sheets, and pillow cases every night; put on high heat in dryer for at least 30 minutes.
  • Seal any cracks or crevices in the home, eliminating places for them to hide.

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