Redondo Beach Bees

If you’re noticing bees or have been trying to eliminate some that have been on your property for quite some time, our bee control Redondo Beach specialists can help!

Bees seek a range of homes, depending upon the types. Numerous are solitary creatures, developing little burrows in the earth. Others look for hollow wood or the wall structures of your home (such as the honey bee) as an ideal location to establish a honey-producing nest.

Bees enter residences when a hive divides and they are in search of a new home. The tooth cavities in fireplaces and wall space are much like a hollow tree.

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Let our bee control experts help with bees and other stinging insects around your property.

Why Do I Have Bees?

Most likely it is a bit of rotten luck as bees are quite random in choosing nest locations. They do appear to prefer locations that receive a lot of morning sun. Even very small holes permit gain access to for bees. In addition, bees could have already been in or on your home in the past and you simply were not aware. Maybe an old hive wasn’t cleaned out appropriately and is calling the bees back.

Different Redondo Beach Bees

True honey bees are around an inch in length and stout with fuzzy bodies, straight antennae and 4 wings. If you notice a huge bee it is probably a carpenter bee. The smaller sized bees are normally solitary and do not socialize. Some of the bees you see could be  green, black and yellow, just black or just yellow,  or they could be one of many other color varieties and mixes. Honey bees are brown. Yellow jacket wasps are just about the very same size as honey bees and form colonies however are darker black and bright yellow with clearly specified bands of color.

If you are uncertain what type of bee might be on your property or you have actually encountered a hive or nest, you must call Preferred Pest Elimination as soon as possible at (424) 219-7800 to make sure that we can come take a look! You should never approach bees on your own and our bee control Redondo Beach experts are ready to help.

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