Discovering you have a flea problem can be extremely frustrating and hard to eliminate if they have been there for some time. We recommend immediate control of the situation before it gets worse, making it harder to eliminate the fleas. Give us a call today and our experts will gladly help you!Our professional Redondo Beach flea exterminators are able to help!

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Fleas can be a painful pest to deal with and will quickly infest a property.

Fleas are small and do not have wings, ranging as much as 2.5 mm long usually and do not showcase wings but are skilled jumpers. They are reddish brown and shiny, with extremely small hairs compressed to make motion through fur a lot easier.

Fleas do not connect eggs on a host, however this means they are connecting them to products in areas of your home such as the rugs, furniture, carpets, and so on. It does not take long for the eggs to hatch out, typically only a few days.

Fleas in Redondo Beach, California

Humans are not a flea’s very first host preference and will not likely preserve a successful population if humans are their only food source. It’s when you have pets that a problem has more chance of taking place and lasting up until they’ve been addressed. When fleas are discovered in the home, there is a substantial chance they are also in the yard. Whether from your animals or wild animals, they will have to be treated if present on your lawn also. If you choose not to treat your lawn you will be less successful in eliminating them indoors. They will continue to hitch a ride with you or another host when walking across the lawn and into your home or property.

Have Fleas Invaded Your Home?

Fleas will not directly connect their eggs to a host, but they can definitely lay them on a host. The eggs then fall off the host and onto the surface area or furniture where the host is; the bed, carpeting, floor, and so on. It just takes as little as twelve days for the eggs to begin hatching out. Flea larvae feasts upon natural product up until they are older and will also avoid light. The pupal phase shows up within eighteen days and is when they seem cocooned. Those with animals or livestock are at greater danger for a flea infestation at some point in time. If you catch a flea concern as soon as possible you can certainly get rid of the fleas in just a couple of treatments. Nevertheless, the longer you wait to take action the longer it can take to eliminate them completely. If you do have animals they need to be dealt with too, or protected if no fleas are currently present on them.

You can easily analyze your home to identify if a flea concern is present. There a variety of indicators which can suggest present flea activity such as animals who can not seem to stop grooming themselves or scratch profusely. Many animal owners discover fleas on their animals promptly and all it takes is a quick, thorough evaluation of your animal’s fur.

In addition, your animals may not be the only ones struggling with the fleas. You could also start to see small bites that ended up being irritated and scratchy if the fleas begin delighting in you too. Nevertheless, fleas aren’t the only insects that can cause red, scratchy bites however your doctor or a little research could assist you determine if it’s in fact fleas that are eating you up.

When examining your pets look for any flea dirt; flea feces that has the appearance of ground pepper or dirt. When checking your pets, make sure you check their bedding too and any furnishings they frequently sit or lay on.

Redondo Beach Flea Control

When your home has fleas, your animals likely have fleas. For that reason, they had to be treated prior to or at the same time your house is dealt with. However, this alone will not get rid of the trouble, but it will certainly assist your animal find relief from the itching and discomfort triggered by the fleas in their fur. If fleas are in fact present you should expect to treat both the home and your yard.  Keep your animal secured from now on and you can substantially reduce the risk of a future flea problem.

Treating Redondo Beach Fleas

We focus on the plagued areas (generally an animals bed linen, living space, etc.) and when completed, we will provide valuable information for protecting your home from fleas invasions in the future. Call Preferred Pest Elimination today at (424) 219-7800 to see how our flea control Redondo Beach solutions work.

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