Every state will certainly experience this particular pest aside from the polar ice caps. Flies can easily become an infestation when allowed to continue flourishing because simply one pair can acquire an excess of 1 million offspring. Worse yet? It only takes a few weeks for this to occur.

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Flies can also carry unwanted pathogens because their bodies are coated in mico-organisms, plus their gut has much more.

Flies will walk and land amongst any surface area, especially those with rotting garbage (even feces) and in turn they quickly spread disease.

Flies do not constantly fly since they merely have 2 wings. So whenever they land, you cannot observe the countless bacteria that’s quite possibly left behind. So if they were to come down on your flatware or food, they might likely cause significant health problem for anyone in contact with the contaminated surface or product. Such health problems consist of infections in the blood stream, food poisoning, looseness of the bowels and meningitis.

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