You can find particular varieties of millipedes that are typically seen in Redondo Beach, California but will be brownish and two and a half to four cm long. The millipedes feature two pair of legs per each section (millipedes have 2).

Millipedes will lay their offspring in the earth, their selected environment, and many millipede varieties will be entirely developed within their second year, existing several years following adulthood.

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Redondo Beach Millipedes

It’s not at all odd to see a millipede both in and out of your property. If stumbled upon indoors, they’ll more than likely be observed in wetter spots. Out of doors they generally tend to appreciate flowers and home gardens. If there is mulch near your property or unattended mounds of dead foliage you’ll likely have some under it. They just want moistened earth or simply a humid habitat. Millipedes dine on decaying pieces of wood they find and dead leaves.

Millipede Behavior/Lifestyle

Come Fall months, you will begin noticing the millipedes set out to migrate, departing the habitat they called home for the past few months. Though researchers believe that the millipedes are getting ready for cold weather, migrating millipedes have actually been spotted whenever their home gets flooded by major rainfall. During this time it’s not at all uncommon to see them in your home.

Preventing Millipedes

Should a millipede find the house, they will very likely first take up residence on your patio area or porch. Alas, they won’t stop there. As soon as they have occupied your patio or deck, they will climb over the external surfaces, finding a way into the property that’s normally a tiny opening that you have not detected. That said, you should take a look at the seals on your doors and windows, garage doors, vents, crawl space entrance and lower level entrances. If your basement or some other storage room or space is packed with boxes and other items, clean up regularly to prevent millipedes from taking up shelter under your personal belongings and/or furnishings.

Redondo Beach Millipede Tips For Prevention

* Evaluate your outside landscaping and remove any excessive mulch. Double check that a six inch space is in between the basic foundation and any flowerbeds or shrubbery. You need to get rid off grass, leaves and mulch in order to make this happen.

* Assess each of the screens at your residence. It’s important that crawl space and attic screens are secure and not worn out.

* All access doors should shut and seal off firmly, eliminating any unwanted space for unwanted insects to come in through, since they will.

* Evaluate and replace (if necessary) the outer doors’ weather stripping. If any is missing or shows wear and tear, it needs to be fixed. Your lower level entrance doors also need secure weather strip protection. If you can notice light directly below or around a door (or window) it needs to be fixed.

You can also request that we come inspect your property and we can help you identify these potential issues and entry points for millipedes and possible other pests that you simply haven’t seen yet. Give our millipede control Redondo Beach experts at a call at (424) 219-7800 to learn more today!

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