Silverfish are actually a very common pest around the Redondo Beach area. Silverfish are small insects with a metallic coloring and enjoy bathrooms the most since they’re cool and dark with more humidity. If you’re experiencing an issue with silverfish Preferred Pest Elimination is here to help you find relief.

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Silverfish Appearance and Identification

Silverfish do not have wings and are silver all across their bodies with a wider head than their rear. Silverfish are around a half inch long on average as adults. A pair of long antennae protrude from the heads of the insects, with three additional bristles extending from their backsides.

Silverfish Habits

Silverfish prefer high humidity and lots of dark places to hide. You will not typically spot a silverfish during the day time because they are more active during night time. Silverfish are often thought to live inside drains, but they cannot climb smooth, vertical surfaces. While many people discover silverfish in their bathrooms, you might also notice them in the closet, basement, storage containers like boxes or even inside of your books.

What Do Silverfish Eat?

Silverfish go in search of food at night. Their diets consist of a multitude of food sources ranging from starches and sugars to protein-based sustenance, like cereals or vegetable-based food. Silverfish have been known to eat pastes and glues and some people have discovered silverfish consuming their wallpaper or book bindings.

Problems Caused by Silverfish

You likely will not notice any damage unless your home is infested by silverfish. Silverfish often damage paper products lying around the average home. Severe Redondo Beach silverfish infestations are typically the only time one will notice damage done by the pests. Silverfish are definitely a nuisance to many Redondo Beach property owners, but should not raise a lot of concern unless an infestation is possible.

Redondo Beach Silverfish Infestation Warning Signs

One way to determine an infestation of silverfish on your property is simply by visually observing the issue. The insect also leaves traces of fecal matter behind while feeding. Silverfish will seek out and find a food source in your property and remain near to it while in hiding.

Preventing Redondo Beach Silverfish

There are many ways to prevent silverfish from invading your property. Our experts are here to help you keep a safe home free of unwanted pests and silverfish. To learn more about our superior silverfish control Redondo Beach treatments call (424) 219-7800 and speak to one of our friendly staff.

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