Redondo Beach features a great many unwanted insects, which includes the not so delightful wasp. The appearance of a wasp depends upon the kind it actually is however, most possess two pairs of wings and pinched waists.

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We can help eradicate wasps and wasp nests around your property.

Just like bees, certain wasps are sociable and stay in colonies, full of anywhere from hundreds to 1000s of wasps. The female wasps care for the nest and eggs. The unsocial wasp types prefer to dwell alone and can also lay offspring, however they will leave the offspring inside the nest alone.

You’ll find both parasitic and predatory wasps in the Redondo Beach area. The advantage to predatory wasps is they kill and feed on several other irritating insect life which they use to nourish their larvae. Parasitic wasps will often lay their eggs in a spider or caterpillar to ensure that the larvae will be able to feed on the living host.

Not all of the wasps are overly aggressive but the ones that are really can be very excruciating if they sting a person. However, wasps actually have the capability to sting several times, not just once, if provoked. Even though they tend to be frustrating pests to find, they actually do have a benefit and that is striking the pesky insects that put your garden and flowers at risk.

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